There are some obvious benefits of teenagers using digital media. It allows them to be contactable, making parents feel at ease that they are only a phone call away. It’s great for keeping in touch with friends and family, as people grow older and their lives change they can tend to drift apart. Social media means that you can communicate with all over the world and gives teenagers a exposure to a wider diverse of people from different backgrounds (Raising children network 2013).

There is lots of talk about how being online is bad for teenagers. In fact the internet actually displays lots of positive role models for teenagers, helping them feel inspired and motivated. Social media is now used by politicians to help target a different bracket of people, this is great for teens because it will  familiarise them with political and social issues that they might not have been aware of before (Raising children network 2013).

Digital media can help develop skills such as reading, writing and critical thinking, through online discussions groups. It also gives teens, who might be in a less fortunate family situation, help with their homework and the opportunity to contact teachers out of school (Chamberlain 2007). Teenagers can use the internet as a way of sharing ideas and enhancing creativity. It gives them the opportunity to expand their ability and promote something that they believe in (Niemer 2012).

Many use the internet to be able to express their true feelings, it’s a place they can vent and relieve all their frustrations. Whilst others use it like an online dairy, a private space full of memories and personal experiences. This is done through the use of blogs and other types of online journals (Penderson 2015).

The internet is now used as an effective marketing tool, with employers now using social media more than ever to help support and promote businesses. Its’s especially good for small business’s cause it gives them the chance to try and establish a name and brand for themselves with very little costs involved. It gives the smaller business the chance to compete, providing they have a solid strategy and a smooth online journey, without having to pay out for large costs for advertising space (Robbo75 2013). This is a great gateway for any teenage budding entrepreneurs who have grown up in the digital world.

Being online also helps reduce costs, this includes the costs to produce and deliver goods. Ignorance to being online can form costly barriers. One example of this is online banking, if teenagers choose to receive their statements online they will no longer receive a paper copy sent through the post. This saves costs on both materials and postage and means that they have 24/7 access to their funds through the app or website. This allows for easy money management and the quick transfer of funds helping to reduce the chance of missing payments (Penderson 2015). Also thanks to the cloud there is less need for the physical formats we normally use to store our movies, music and other media on, reducing the amount of factories we need to produce them.


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